La Demi is this generations curve to society and acceptance to manufactured gender identification and labels. Iconic individual logistically proven to shift the vogue of the Beauty Industry, Entertainment, and LGBTQ+ Social Norms. Evolving and enticing characteristics of La Demi elude the animosity of what individuals comprehend. “Aspire to inspire” is something tattooed among her heart.

Distribution of inspiration and dexterity are ethical decisions of what La Demi wants to accommodate for today's Beauty Industry,Social Media, TV, and Entertainment. It is her highest goal to democratize luxury whether it be through beauty products ( La Demi Beauty ) or her exhilarating fashion statements.

It's imperative to be thyself, yet how can one be thyself in a civilization so judgmental?
La Demi is here to assist and modify unethical interpretations of stereotypes. As a young transgender woman, La Demi is the new foundation of this generations acceptance, culture, and knowledge of what it means to live life unapologetically and authentically.

La Demi has found major success in all of her other business ventures as well, from youtube to reality tv, La Demi has made sure to make her mark on this industry and show everyone that she's here to stay.

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